Led controllers and dimmers

Led controllers and dimmers

Dimmers are used to vary the light intensity of a single color led strip (white, blue, red ...).
The remote control allows you to turn on, off, increase or decrease the brightness.

The controllers allow you to turn on, off, vary the lighting intensity and change the colors of the led strips.
They must be chosen according to the type of led strip you want to drive: RGB, RGBW, RGB + variable white, or Magic.
They are used with a remote control, in Bluetooth or in WiFi on tablets and smartphones, or remotely by connecting the controller to your Internet box.
Some models also allow you to control the device by voice with Google assistants and Alexa.

How to choose a dimmer or led controller?

Choosing a dimmer or led controller

The controller is essential for multicolored led strips (RGB, RGBW, RGB+CCT) as well as for variable white led strips.

They exist with or without remote control, can be controlled via Wifi, Zigbee, DMX, and can even be controlled by voice.
To find out all about led controllers: Which led controller or dimmer to choose.

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