General conditions of sale


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The website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is accessible via the Internet to any user of this network, hereinafter referred to as the "Customer". This site is the exclusive property of Higoods Co. Ltd. whose denominations, registration number and contact details are mentioned above.

The online store offers for sale High Tech products made in China, all complying with standards CE applicable in the European Union.
Customers are natural or legal persons wishing to purchase the Products individually or in quantity.
Any order for the Products offered on the Site is subject to the express and unreserved acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

Article 1. Purpose

These general terms and conditions are intended to define the terms and conditions the online sale of the Products through the Site and the obligations of each party.
These terms apply to the exclusion of all other documents. In case of contradiction between the terms of the general conditions of sale and the terms of any other document (including quotes, invoices, letters of any kind, summary orders ...), the terms of the general conditions of sale shall prevail. Certain Products mentioned on the Site may be subject to specific conditions to which the customer must refer and which form an integral part of these general conditions of sale.

Article 2. Conditions of access to the service

In order to place an order on the Site, the Customer must have a microcomputer and means telecommunications service allowing him to connect to the Internet. The Customer must also have an e-mail address, either directly or through a service provider or a service provider with access to the Internet. The products available on the Site are reserved for natural or legal persons with a delivery address. In addition, some national laws restrict the importation of certain products in the Customer's country of residence. The latter must therefore learn about the legislation in force locally before ordering on the Site and will be solely responsible for any infractions he may commit in case of illegal importation.

Article 3. Products, Rates and Import Taxes

The Price in force is the one appearing on the Site on the date of the order made by the Customer, The rates can be modified at any time. No delay is guaranteed as regards the supply and the sending of the Products indicated on the Site. In case of delay, the Customer will be informed directly on the Site or by an e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the Customer. The displayed prices of the Products are indicated in euros.
The photos presented on the site are not contractual.
The owner of the shop being a Chinese exporter, the rates indicated on the Site are tax free. As a result, Chinese export VAT will not be charged but the Customer will have to pay the amount of the value-added tax of his country at the time of delivery. The sums relating to this tax as well as any customs duties will be collected by the carrier at the time of delivery, then redistributed to the administrations concerned.
The customer undertakes, under his sole responsibility, to respect the local taxation rules applicable to him and to inquire beforehand with the Customs Administration of his country regarding the amount of taxes and the nature of the goods he wishes to import.
We provide customs documents for all parcels destined abroad. These documents summarize the total value of the content of your order and the nature of the goods.

The prices quoted do not include the processing and shipping costs which will be invoiced in addition and specified to the Customer in the order summary before the validation of the order. All prices are subject to obvious typographical error. Promotional offers are valid only within the double limit of the validity period of the offer concerned and the available stocks.

Article 4. Registration and validation of the order

By ticking the box "I acknowledge having read the general conditions of sale and I declare to accept them without reservation", the Customer confirms his order and, therefore, accepts without reserve the entirety of the present general conditions of sale. This confirmation as well as all the data recorded will constitute the proof of the transaction. Higoods Co. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any order in case (I) of unavailability of stock, (II) existing dispute with the Customer, (III) total or partial non-payment of a previous order by the Customer, ( IV) refusal to authorize the payment of banking institutions, (V) refusal to accept the payment of our fraud detection system, (VI) non-payment within seven days after ordering (VII) payment or (VIII) in the case of an error in the calculation of prices and weights. The responsibility of Higoods Co, Ltd. can in no case be engaged in these hypotheses. In case of cancellation of the order by Higoods Co. Ltd., it will be sent by email to the customer, disabling the order, as soon as possible. In addition, the Customer has the opportunity to consult the status of his orders, exchanges and returns on the Account he has created on the Site (hereinafter referred to as "My Account").

Article 5. Authentication and Customer Security

When the conditions for registration are met, the Customer may access his "Account" thanks to the login credentials he has chosen. This information is strictly personal and confidential and should not be shared or shared with third parties. In no event Higoods Co. Ltd. can not be responsible for the loss of his login credentials by the Customer. The Customer will be solely responsible for the use of his login ID by third parties or actions or statements made through his "Account", whether fraudulent or not. It guarantees Higoods Co. Ltd. against any request in this respect. In addition, Higoods Co. Ltd. does not have the means to ensure the identity of people accessing its services online, and therefore can not be responsible for spoofing the identity of a Customer. If the Customer has reason to believe that a person is using their login credentials or account, they should immediately notify Higoods Co. Ltd. via the heading "contact us" or by mail sent to the address appearing at the beginning of these general conditions of sale.

Article 6. Payment

6-1. Payment by credit card via Paypal
Higoods Co. Ltd. accepts VISA, BLUE CARD and MASTERCARD bank card payments via the PayPal online service. The data relating to the Customer's bank card is encrypted using the SSL protocol and then transmitted to PayPal, which decrypts them and manages the transaction. Higoods Co. Ltd. and the staff of have in no case access to the Customer's bank details.
Payment via Paypal is accepted insofar as the names of the Client and Paypal account holder are the same and as long as the Paypal account is a verified account.

6-2. Payment by bank transfer
The order made by the Customer through the Website will not be taken into account by Higoods Co. Ltd. at the time of actual receipt of the sum in the account specified below.
Any error of designation or number entered on the transfer form may lead to the refusal of payment by the emitting or receiving bank. In this case, the bank charges related to a wrong operation will be borne by the Customer.

The bank transfer information is as follows:

Account name: XT-Higoods CO., Limited
Account #: 79969211378
Name of the beneficiary's bank: DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Payee's bank address: 11th Floor, The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Payee Bank Code: 016

When transferring, the information on the form must be strictly the same as given above.

6-3. Default or late payment
The Customer has a period of 7 days from the order to send its payment to Higoods Co. Ltd. At the end of this period, the order may be canceled, without this cancellation being considered as a breach of contract of its fact. In addition, any late payment (account not provisioned, repudiation of payment by credit card) will involve ipso jure, and without prior formality, the billing of a late interest rate based on an annual rate of 6%, without prejudice to all other rights and in particular the right to terminate this contract to the exclusive fault of the Customer. The various fees that may result from an unpaid or partial payment are the responsibility of the Customer.

6-4. Invoice
The order form that the Customer establishes online is not worth invoice. The Customer will receive his invoice during the delivery, in his parcel. In addition, Higoods Co. Ltd. keep a digital copy of each invoice accessible by the Customer by connecting to his "Account".

Article 7. Retention of Title Clause

Higoods Co. Ltd. reserves the ownership of the Products delivered to the Customer until payment of the full amount of the order. However, during the entire duration of the retention of title, the risks related to the Products delivered, in particular, deterioration, loss or theft and any damage will be entirely the responsibility of the Customer upon delivery.

Article 8. Product Availability and Shipping Times

8- 1. Availability
The availability of the Products is indicated on the Site for each Product in the form of options:
- The option "in stock" means that the Product is available and ready to be shipped. /> - The option "n days" means that the Product will be shipped with an average additional time of n days compared to a product called "in stock".
- The option "on order" means that the Product will be ordered specifically for the Customer according to his wishes (size, color, etc.) and additional time is given as an indication.
- The option "unavailable" means that the Product is momentarily not available for sale due to supplier breakdown.
- "Out of stock" option means that the Product is no longer available for sale.

8-2. Expedition and Shipping Lead Times
Higoods Co. Ltd. undertakes to deliver within 30 days of the day following the day you sent us your order (or the receipt of your transfer, if applicable). Any other delivery time is only indicative.
However, the usual shipping time is 5 to 7 working days, or 10 to 15 days for large quantities, as of the validation of the payment, either:
- By credit card via PayPal: immediate (except payment refused by the banking terminal),
- By bank transfer: after reception of the payment.
At this delay , it is necessary to add the time of routing of the order with DHL or UPS which is in general of 3 to 5 days, except temporary detention by the customs service, once the command treated (exit warehouse). The Customer has the possibility to follow the routing of his order on the carrier's website thanks to the tracking number provided by Higoods Co. Ltd. This number is available on the "" site under "My Account". The shipping costs appear on the summary of the order before its validation.
In case of delivery time higher than indicated, due to breaks suppliers or others, the Customer will be informed by email as soon as possible and may then request, within two business days, the cancellation of his order (see paragraph 9-3).

Article 9. Delivery

Delivery of Products is in the name of Customer delivered against signature by the carrier.
Orders will reach the Customer in a solid package and without any external brand identifying its contents, only the sender "Higoods Co. Ltd." will be mentioned.

9-1. Place of delivery
The Products are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Customer, on behalf of the Customer, during the ordering process on the Site.

9-2. Absence on the day of delivery
Depending on the case, the carrier may leave a notice in the mailbox of the Customer, inviting the latter to contact the carrier or depot nearest to his home or contact him to make a delivery appointment.

9-3. Delayed delivery
It is possible that a package does not arrive within the deadline announced by the carrier. In this case, the Customer must contact the carrier and give him the number of the package indicated in his "Account".

9-4. Loss of parcels
In case of loss of parcels, Higoods Co. Ltd. is obliged to respect the deadlines imposed by the carriers concerning the declaration of loss and the reimbursement of the consignment. In fact, the Customer is also bound by these deadlines. Accordingly, the Customer has a maximum of 10 working days from receipt of the email confirmation of the shipment of his package to declare it lost from Higoods Co. Ltd. Beyond this period, no claim will be taken into account. If the Customer has declared his package lost within the above mentioned period, Higoods Co. Ltd. will be responsible for opening a claim file. In this context, it is possible for the carrier to apply to Higoods Co. Ltd. documents necessary for the constitution of this file that the Customer is now committed to provide. Final survey responses are provided by carriers within one to three weeks. The answer can be of two types: either the package is found and it is then returned to the customer following the normal procedure, or the package is declared lost by the carrier and Higoods Co. Ltd. inform the Customer and proceed to the refund (amount invoiced) or make a second shipment at the Customer's choice.

9-5. Receipt of the parcel - Product damaged or defective
Any Product delivered must be checked and any reservations on the carrier's bill in case of partial or total deterioration. Otherwise, the Product is deemed delivered in good condition and can not be subject to any subsequent dispute. In addition, any damaged or defective Product must be reported on the day of receipt or at the latest the first working day following receipt to Higoods Co. Ltd. For this the Customer must contact Higoods Co. Ltd. via the "contact us" section. The Customer will then receive a confirmation of the registration of this notification by email, a return slip and a return number. The Customer may return, at its expense, the damaged or defective Product, in its original packaging, with the original tags and the completed return form, to Higoods Co. Ltd. - return number, to the address appearing at the top of these. Any parcel that does not have a valid return number on the mailing label will be refused. Our customer service will then perform an audit. If the Product has a manufacturing defect, it will be exchanged as soon as possible or refunded in case of out of stock. The return postage of a standard shipment will be refunded to the Customer, at the latest within fifteen days from the date of receipt of the return.

9-6. Delivery error
The Customer must formulate, via the service "Contact Us", any claim of non-conformity of the Products in kind, in quality or in quantity with respect to the indications appearing on the invoice the day of the reception or no later than the first working day following receipt. Any claim of non-compliance not made in the rules defined above and within the time limits can not be taken into account and will release Higoods Co. Ltd. any liability towards the Customer. If a return is accepted, the Customer will receive a return slip and a return number. The product in perfect condition, in its original packaging, with the original labels and the return form duly completed, will be returned to Higoods Co. Ltd. - return number, to the address appearing at the top of these. Any parcel that does not have a valid return number on the mailing label will be refused.

9-7.Package Processing: NPAI / Unclaimed / Refused
If your package is returned by our provider for any of the following reasons:
- NPAI (N Not at the Address Indicated),
- Unclaimed parcel during his trial period,
- Parcel refused by the recipient upon delivery,
after receipt and return acceptance we will refund the value of the order, excluding delivery charges, within 30 days.

9-8. Dangerous or Probibous Products
If an order contains so-called dangerous or prohibited products in the destination country, Customs may seize the product (s) incriminated.
The customer is fully responsible for the goods ordered and must check with the customs administration of his country of residence and / or shipping, before proceeding to the validation of his order on hi-goods. Higoods Co. Ltd. will under no circumstances be obliged to make a refund, even partial, of the seized products, and will not be responsible in any case for the financial losses and damages suffered by the customer. The customer who ordered the incriminated articles is the only one responsible financially and criminally, as for the import of these products on the territory of destination and their use.

Article 10. Customer Service

For any information or questions, our service Customer is at your disposal:
- by e-mail: free and fast: by filling out our contact form "Contact us".
- by phone: at the number indicated at the top of the present.

Article 11. Warranties - Limits of Liability

11-1. Guarantees
The Products offered are in compliance with CE standards, applicable in Europe. The warranties that may apply to the Products are those granted by their manufacturers, for the period stipulated in the guarantee form attached to the Products. The conditions of implementation and execution of this warranty are also specified on the warranty note attached to the Products. Higoods Co. Ltd. can in no way be held responsible for the misuse of Products for sale on the site, including use for a purpose other than that provided by the manufacturer of the product, or failure to follow the storage instructions of the product.

The responsibility of Higoods Co. Ltd. can not be engaged in case of non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the product is delivered (for example in case of prohibition of a product ...). It is your responsibility to check with the local authorities the possibilities of importing or using the products or services you intend to order.

Return shipping to Higoods Co. Ltd. are the responsibility of the Customer. He may choose the carrier of his choice or proceed to an economic shipment by the postal services. Returned products are the sole responsibility of the Customer until delivery to the premises of Higoods Co. Ltd.
Products exchanged or repaired will be redirected to the Customer by Higoods Co. Ltd., at its expense.

11-2. Limits of responsibility
The photographs, texts, graphics, information and characteristics illustrating the Products presented on the Site are not contractual. As a result, the responsibility of Higoods Co. Ltd. can not be held liable for any error or omission in any of these photographs, text or graphics, information or features of the Products or in the event of modification of the characteristics of the Products by the suppliers. Higoods Co. Ltd. can not be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract concluded in case of out of stock or unavailability of the Product, force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike including postal services and means of transport and / or communications, flood, fire. Higoods Co. Ltd. will not incur any liability for any consequential damages as a result of this, business interruption, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, damages or costs. In any case, late delivery can not give rise to damages, withholding or cancellation of orders in progress.

Article 12. Intellectual property

Information, pictograms, photographs, images , texts and other documents accessible on this Site are subject to industrial and / or intellectual property rights, for the whole world, and are, as the case may be, owned by Higoods Co. Ltd. (the general structure, texts, images and some photos) or of third parties having limited authorization Higoods Co. Ltd. to use them. As such, any reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation and / or transformation, partial or complete, or transfer to another site are prohibited. Private copying of these different rights objects is allowed. Their partial or complete reproduction, without the prior written consent of the author is strictly prohibited, and constitutes an infringement.
Customers and users of this Site are required to respect the legal provisions applicable to the internet and in particular , the provisions of the law "Informatique et Libertés", the violation of which is penalized. In addition, they must refrain from any collection, capture, distortion or use of information to which they may have access and, in general, from any act likely to infringe on the privacy or reputation of individuals.

Article 13. Protection of privacy

of the consultation of the Site, and in particular during each order made by the Customer, a certain amount of personal information may be collected by Higoods Co. Ltd. The collection of personal data concerning the user or the Client is carried out in respect of the rights of the life pricée.
Each Customer may, by postal mail to the address appearing at the top of this document, or by logging on to his / her "Account" online, access or request access to his / her personal information for modification, rectification or deletion. . Higoods Co. Ltd. undertakes not to disclose to third parties the personal data that the Customer provides to it, except with the express prior consent of the Customer, through a checkbox displayed during registration or orders. The client authorizes Higoods Co. Ltd. to use his personal data for the processing of the order and to reinforce the communication by Higoods Co. Ltd., in particular through the "newsletter" to which the Customer can subscribe and subsequently unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of each newsletter or through its online "Account".

Article 14. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our site meets the requirements of the European Data Protection Act (RGPD) by applying the following criteria:

  • - Any user with a customer account can delete their account and associated data at any time from the Your Account / Delete My Account menu.
  • - The site uses the secure HTTPS protocol to encrypt data transmitted and received between the server and the client machine.
  • - The hosting of our server is provided by the company OVH SAS, whose infrastructure is compatible and approved RGPD.
  • - Our team weekly updates the operating system, associated software and programs, ensuring optimal security against malicious intrusions.

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However, it is specified that for technical reasons, disabling cookies may limit access to our website, for which we cannot be held responsible.

Article 15. Miscellaneous

These general conditions of sale express the entirety of the obligations of the parties. Higoods Co. Ltd. reserves the right to modify them at any time without notice. The Customer is therefore invited to read the general conditions of sale prior to each order that he will make on the Site. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the fact for Higoods Co. Ltd. to tolerate a situation does not have the effect of granting the other party acquired rights.
Such a tolerance can not be interpreted as a waiver to assert the rights in question. If one or more stipulations of the present general conditions of sale were to be declared as such under a law, a regulation or following a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will keep all their force and their reach.

Article 16. Applicable Law - Competent Jurisdiction

These general conditions of sale are governed by Chinese law. This is so for the substantive rules as for the rules of form. In case of dispute, and after an attempt at conciliation, express jurisdiction is attributed to the competent courts, notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or warranty claim, even for conservatory proceedings, in summary or by motion.

General conditions of sale in force on 15/02/2019