Ultra-low consumption LED lighting: the best energy performance on the market

Wedoo led offers the widest variety of led products on the market

The challenges of using high-efficiency LED lighting

Energy needs are increasing day by day. Our planet must turn to new technologies to reduce its consumption.
Led is currently the most economical means of lighting.

Our research and development team goes even further, offering innovative products consuming only half the energy used by current LED lighting devices, at equal brightness.

New lighting devices undergo very rigorous tests before being subjected to multiple laboratory tests for CE and RoHS compliance, as well as European and American standards in force.

Yield of led strips

High performance led strips

Wedoo Led strips offer an efficiency of 190 Lumens for 1 Watt consumed, i.e. double that of a standard led strip. For the same brightness, consumption will therefore be halved.

The ultra-low consumption LED products: an economic as well as an ecological challenge.

LED lighting offering the best energy class on the market

Wedoo Led is to date the only manufacturer to offer led tubes, projectors, Hi-bay and public lighting of 200 and 210 Lumens per Watt.

This is the best efficiency available on the market, backed by a 5 year warranty.

LED lighting energy class A           LED lighting energy class B

Wedoo led: The future of light, for the whole planet

Choose your Wedooled lighting with high efficiency, ultra-low consumption

Wedooled high performance led strips

Ribbons and led strips with high energy efficiency.

Class B, our strips reach an efficiency of 190 Lumens per Watt.

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Wedooled high efficiency led tubes

Very low consumption LED tubes.

With an energy class B, our tubes provide an output of 200 Lumens per Watt.

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Wedooled high efficiency led industrial pendant lights

Industrial suspensions, highbays and led bells with the best energy efficiency on the market.

Our class A and B suspensions offer energy performance of 200 and 210 Lumens per Watt.

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