Powerful multicolored led strip with dynamic effects 144 leds / m - 1 led / pixel - Waterproof

Ref : SMAGIC144P-IP65   [#83]

5 meter led strip Magic multicolor (dynamic effects) powerful 144 leds / m, 1 led / pixel, waterproof IP65

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Accessories to compose your kit

Led strips accessories

Power supply 12V 20A 240W

Power supply 12V 20A 240W

SP108E (V2) controller for led strips with dynamic effects - Wifi and voice assistants Google and Al

SP108E (V2) controller for led strips with dynamic effects - Wifi and voice assistants Google and Al


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Characteristics - Selection criteria   What are the criteria for selecting an LED strip?

Ultra-low consumption :   No
Type of lighting :   Bright
Color :   Multicolor + dynamic effects
Voltage :   12V
Waterproof :   Waterproof IP65
Pixel size :   1 led / pixel
Lighting direction :   Front view

Multicolored RGB led strip with dynamic effects (Magic) powerful allowing to achieve a good colored lighting with active animations.
It allows to obtain rainbow effects with gradients, chasers, scrolls and a whole multitude of other animations.
Its 144 leds per meter allows to obtain effects finer than with the other strips of 30 or 60 leds / m.
Depending on the controller used, you can make the ribbon react to the rhythm of the music, and even program your own animations, à la carte.

This model is driven by led (1 led per pixel) and gives smooth and precise animations.

The strip requires the use of a specific controller for Magic LED strips.

The tape is waterproof and can be used outdoors, outside swimming pools, pools and jacuzzi.

The 12mm wide strip is powered by 12V DC and can be cut every 6.9mm.

Led strips of 5 meters can be chained between them thanks to the supplied clip connectors. The animation will extend over the total length of the connected strips, with however the limitation of the number of pixels managed by the chosen controller (see the characteristics of the controller according to your total length of strips).

Important: Be sure to supply each 5 meter ribbon with 12V on both sides (by connecting them directly to the power supply) independently of the controller. See the connection photo.

Compose your ready-to-use kit

Ribbon only
Ribbon led
For the ribbon to work, you must have a minimum 12V 200W power supply . If you don't already have one, you need to add a power supply to the must-have accessories. Otherwise, you can purchase the ribbon on its own.
Power supply + ribbon kit
Led power supply + Ribbon led
Minimal kit to operate your led strip. It connects to the 230V sector and the led strip to the 12 / 24V output of the power supply.
Add the power supply in the list of accessories.
Power supply + controller + ribbon kit
Led power supply + dimmer led + Led ribbon
To compose this kit, you must add to the accessories:
  • - 1 power supply
  • - 1 dynamic effects controller 300 programs with remote control
You will get a complete kit supplied with a remote control to turn on, off and vary the light intensity and change the animations.
Power supply kit + Wifi dimmer + ribbon
Led power supply + wifi led dimmer + Led ribbon
To compose this kit, you must add to the accessories:
  • - 1 power supply
  • - 1 WiFi dynamic effects controller with remote control
With this complete kit, you will be able to turn on, off, vary the light intensity, select the animations, compose your programs, operate the ribbon to the rhythm of the music, with the remote control, in Wifi or with Google and Alexa voice assistants.
Power supply kit + DMX dimmer + ribbon
Led power supply + DMX led dimmer + Led ribbon
To compose this kit, you must add to the accessories:
  • - 1 power supply
  • - 1 DMX controller for dynamic effect led tape
Complete kit working in DMX (except console). The DMX controller allows you to control the led strip, pixel by pixel, in order to obtain à la carte animations, according to the DMX sequences programmed on your console.
3 channels are needed to drive a single pixel, or 432 channels per meter for this ribbon.
LTech brand controller intended for professionals for intensive and durable use.

Choose waterproofing

IP20 Not waterproof. Suitable for indoor use (living rooms, bedrooms, verandas), except kitchens and bathrooms.
IP65 Resists water splashes and humid environments. Can be installed in a kitchen, bathroom or outdoors.
IP68 Submersible. Can be used in swimming pools, SPA or ponds.

Product guaranteed 3 years
Material guaranteed for 3 years.
Supply voltage 12V DC
Type of led SMD5050
CI type WS2815
Number of leds per meter 144
Number of CIs per meter 144
Number of leds per pixel 1
Colors multicolor RGB
Brightness 2500 Lumens per meter (in white)
Efficiency 68 Lumens per Watt
Consumption 39.25W per meter
Dimmable Yes (PWM)
Attenuation 2% after 6000 hours
CRI 80
Lighting angle 120 °
Lifetime 50,000 hours (at 45 ° C)
Waterproofing Waterproof IP65
Dimensions 5000 x 12 x 3 mm
Cutout Every 6.9 mm
Temperature range - 25 to 45 ° C
PCB 1 oz (35u) copper
Adhesive 3M VHB
Certifications CE, RoHS
EN55015: 2013 / A1: 2015
EN61547: 2009
EN61000-3-2: 2014
EN61000-3-3: 2013
Guarantee 3 years

Choosing a led strip

Choosing a led strip 

How to choose the led strip best suited to your needs?

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