How can I easily choose the LED strip that best suits my needs?

Choosing a led ribbon

There are a multitude of led strips, each with specific characteristics depending on its use.
To help you find your way around, our site has been designed to help you easily find the right ribbon, depending on the use you will make of it.

First, here are the right questions to ask yourself when choosing a headband:

  • How much light do I need?
  • Will the lighting be white, in a single color, multicolored with the possibility of changing the colors according to my wishes?
  • Will the tape be installed indoors, outdoors or in a swimming pool?

After answering these questions, you'll be half the job of choosing the right ribbon.
Let's now detail the possibilities according to each question:


The type of lighting

  • Atmosphere and decoration: Low light which is perfect for lighting bookcase shelves, niches, stairs, kitchen or bathroom furniture.
    Atmosphere and deco lighting
  • Lighting: Good brightness for the main lighting of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or veranda.
    Main led lighting
  • Powerful: High brightness for the main lighting of a large room or with high ceilings. Often necessary for places requiring a lot of light (workshops...)
    Led lighting powerful
  • Ultra-powerful: Used for museums, theatres, performance halls, shopping malls, reception halls where maximum light is required.
    Ultra powerful led lighting

The color

  • White: Suitable for pure lighting. Available in cold white (a little bluish light), natural white (daylight white) or warm white (a little yellow to give a warm tint).
    Eclairage led blanc
  • Unique color: Red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple... the ribbon will be used for a colorful atmosphere, always in the same color.
    Eclairage led une couleur
  • Variable white: The led strip can take the desired shade of white, between cold and warm white, passing through many intermediate shades.
    Eclairage led blanc variable
  • Multicolor (RGB): The LED strip can be controlled as you wish to change colors, including white. Ideal for lighting or a colorful atmosphere on demand.
    Multicolor RGB led lighting
  • Multicolor + variable white (RGB+CCT): This is the most complete type of ribbon since it mixes multicolor with variable white. You will thus obtain an almost unlimited number of bright or pastel colors.
    White led lighting
  • Multicolored with dynamic effects: Instead of having a static light (same color throughout the strip), it is possible here to obtain countless dynamic effects, such as chases, drops of water effects, scrolls on several colors... A must for parties, parties, discotheques or for Christmas decorations.
    Multicolor led lighting with dynamic effects


  • Not waterproof (IP20): Non-waterproof LED strip that can only be installed indoors, excluding wet rooms (kitchens and bathrooms).
    Not waterproof led strip
  • Waterproof (IP65): Waterproof led strip coated with silicone protection against splashing water, rain and excessive humidity. It can be installed both outdoors and indoors, including wet rooms.
    Ruban led étanche IP65
  • Waterproof (IP67): Waterproof led strip protected by a soft and flexible silicone tube. It protects against bad weather and splashing water. Ideal for floor installation where standing water may submerge the headband.
    Waterproof led strip IP67
  • Submersible (IP68): Completely waterproof and submersible led strip. It can be installed in a swimming pool, in a basin or in an aquarium. The led strip is covered with a fully waterproof silicone resistant to chlorine, salt and UV.
    IP68 submersible led strip

Now that you have selected the type of lighting, color and waterproofing, all you have to do is use filters as follows:

  • Click on the category Led strips
  • Scroll down the page until you see the Filter By block on the left
  • Select your type of lighting, color and waterproofness
    Using led ribbon filters
  • The corresponding led strips are displayed according to your criteria
    Result of led ribbon filters